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Ordering made Easy!

Nina is an intelligent ordering system for live order placement and payments at hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and other venues. 


By installing and configuring our QR code system, your customers can order instantly, without waiting for a menu and ordering process. ​

In addition Nina offers a range of additional services, including order-taking, analytics, and more

Welcome to the Family!

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An integrated ordering app for hotels and resorts, including room service, reception area welcome drinks, restaurants, pool bars, beaches, tennis courts and everywhere else!

Nina Resto.png

Install Nina to your restaurant for indoor or outdoor sections, bar areas or special events. Allow customers to review the menu and order rapidly either online or from your waitstaff.

Nina Office.png

Need to order food while working? We can configure Nina to enable delivery to individual offices, conference rooms or pick-up points at reception, near elevators and more. 

Nina Cafe.png

Need to avoid a crowded self-service line? Set up a Nina Service Point where customers can order from their seats and receive an alert to pick up their orders when ready. 

Nina Pool_edited.jpg

Set up QR codes on each lounge chair or umbrella around your swimming pool and allow guests to order online. You can also develop seat reservations and beach towel ordering. 

Nina Beach.png

Need an efficient ordering system for your beach bar and beach loungers? Install Nina on your beach chair sets and enable your customers to order and pay without waiting for a waiter. 

Case Studies 

The Icon Limassol Nina Ordering System.jpeg

The Nina Ordering System was installed for residents of The Icon in Limassol. Thanks to an innovative installation of Nina Restaurant, each apartment in The Icon can now order online from the award-winning La Caleta Restaurant for delivery to their rooms.  

Isola Restaurant Ayia Napa Nina Ordering System.jpeg

Nina Beach was installed with great success at the popular Isola Restaurant, part of the spectacular Nissi Beach Hotel in Ayia Napa. Isola has a total of 125 service points, and turnover via the Nina Ordering System increased by over € 200,000 in our first year of operations. 

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